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VA Disability Benefits

Many veterans across the nation suffer with disability. They come back from war and conflict, and they’re never the same. They have terrible injuries and disfigurements. They have persisting medical conditions and illnesses. They need help and they need it now. This is where the Veterans Administration can help.

VA Compensation Benefits

  • The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) provides numerous benefits and services to veterans. One of the main programs manages payments that are regularly delivered to veterans in need. These veterans endure all types of diseases, disabilities, and injuries.
  • In order to receive Disabled Veteran Benefits, Veterans must prove that they have been affected in a way connected with military service.
  • These are called “service-connected” disabilities. Veterans with these types of impairments receive monthly assistance critical to their continued health. The VA also offers other programs that aid surviving spouses, children, and parents.
  • Disabled Veterans who receive disability assistance are graded on a scale of disability. Veterans may be considered anywhere from 10 percent to 100 percent disabled. These determinations are made by the VA based on crucial medical information.

Veterans Disability Attorneys

Disabled Veterans Benefits

The Veterans Administration takes a very close look at the type of impairing condition each veteran suffers. When applying for compensation, a veteran must show that the disability is “connected” to service in the military.

Eligible veterans must have served in:

  • Active duty
  • Active duty for training, or
  • Inactive duty training

However, these service-connected conditions do not have to have occurred during service.  In some cases, qualifying veteran applicants have conditions that were simply made worse by service.

Veterans may qualify if they got sick or injured before, during, or after service. Thus, there are three types of Veteran Disability claims. These claims are called pre-service, in-service, and post-service disability claims.

The VA takes disability determinations very seriously. Not all veterans may have conditions related to service. The condition(s) must be thoroughly assessed by a number of medical experts and VA attorney. Veterans may also be sent for additional testing to determine the extent of the disability, disease, or illness.

Once a veteran qualifies and receives a disability rating, that rating will determine the compensation amount. The most severely disabled vets will receive 100 Percent Disabled Veterans Benefits.

This veteran disability rating is based on:

  • Medical evidence provided by the veteran, and
  • The results of a compensation and pension exam (if necessary), and
  • Additional information, such as federal agency documents

Some veterans may even have multiple service-connected conditions. When this happens, the VA refers to a “Combined Ratings Table”. Each disability receives its own percentage, and the combined percentage is the veteran’s overall disability rating.

However, this final rating is not an average.  Moreover, some veterans may receive additional compensation for the most severe disabilities. If a disabled veteran has dependents or a disabled spouse, that veteran may receive a higher disability rating. A sound veteran’s compensation lawyer can help tremendously through this process.

Experienced Veterans Disability Attorneys

At Nationwide Disability Representatives, we have extensive experience helping our brave and wounded veterans. We even assist veterans with a number of other issues and pursuits. We have prepared thousands of cases for disability appeal.

  • We will fight for more than Veteran’s Benefits. We have also represented numerous cases before the Social Security Administration (SSA). We fully care about our clients’ Social Security and Workers Compensation claims. With dedication and a sense of urgency, we always give it our best.
  • The facts can be tough. In reality, most veteran applicants are turned down at first by both the VA and the SSA. However, that doesn’t stop us. Our skilled lawyers can guide you through the complicated and frustrating process to appeal your claim.
  • In many cases, veterans may receive both Veterans Disability and Social Security Disability benefits. Because Social Security Disability is not based on income, veterans often meet both sets of qualifications. We take pride in having a team of Social Security Disability Lawyers for Veterans.
  • So don’t delay. At Nationwide Disability Representatives, we understand the struggle. We recognize the pain and difficulties of needing help. You served our great country in the military and we want to serve you. We have the Veterans Disability Lawyer right for you.
  • When we say we fight, we don’t lie. We take cases as far as they need to go. We will work on your behalf before the Regional Office, the Board of Veterans Appeals, and the US Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims (CAVC). Established in 1988, the CAVC is an Article III court under the US judiciary. The court is responsible for reviewing numerous BVA decisions. Many times, the court will overturn decisions made by lower courts.