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If you want to seek compensation for damages, then you may file a lawsuit. Get in touch with one of the Naples Personal Injury Lawyers who will help you in gathering the evidence required for your injury claim.

Nationwide Disability Representatives brings 35+ year of experience in representing injury cases with transparency, integrity, and excellence.

What Is The Need To File A Personal Injury Claim in Naples, Florida?

Individuals who suffer from injuries due to the fault of another have the right to file a negligence claim. If you currently suffer from injuries due to car accidents, motorcycle accidents, dog bites, or slip and fall cases, filing a personal injury claim is your legal right. Proving the negligence of the liable party in front of a judge can help you seek compensation for damages in an accident.

Now, if you are wondering how to determine the worth of your injury case, you have to consider specific factors. These are costs you have incurred for medical treatment (including medications), property damage where applicable, and any damage to physical and mental health.

Most injured claimants find it challenging to determine the worth of their injury case. They feel overwhelmed when they pursue the injury lawsuit process all by themselves. A claimant may not know that they have 4 years in which to file a personal injury lawsuit from the date when they were injured.  Many other rules exist which can also confuse a non-lawyer seeking relief.

Different Types Of Personal Injuries

There are different types of personal injuries. Some of them include:

  • Car Accidents: Car accidents are common types of personal injuries. When a driver does not focus while driving, then an accident can occur due to that driver’s negligence or carelessness. This carelessness can lead to severe outcomes and can also cause devastating injuries.  A Naples Car Accident lawyer can help you seek compensation.
  • Dog Bites: Dogs can sometimes become wild and can bite a person in public. This can cause physical and emotional harm to the injured person. The dog owner will be liable for all the damages. 
  • Medical Malpractice: Medical malpractice occurs when a healthcare professional fails to maintain a proper standard of care for the patient. Medical negligence can lead to severe consequences and can cause injuries as well.
  • Wrongful Death: Wrongful death is caused when an individual dies due to the negligence of another person. It can occur in auto accidents, truck accidents, medical malpractice, and construction accidents.
  • Slip and Fall Accidents: Slip and Fall Accidents in Naples happen due to the outright negligence of the property owner or if an owner fails to add warning signs about a dangerous condition. 

How Can A Naples Personal Injury Attorney Assist You? 

Naples Personal Injury Attorney Hearing the details of the incident from you and evaluating your condition can enable your lawyer to work with you to determine the value of your injury claim. Legal guidance can help you negotiate a settlement with an agent of the insurance company. 

Lawyers also make effective use of their skills. They will help you in the injury claim by proving the negligence of the legally responsible party in court. They will also work to defeat the defenses of the other party.  Keep in mind that any responsibility resulting from the activities of the injured claimant could reduce the amount of compensation. 

At the end of the process, the judge may order compensation based on the kind of damages sustained by the claimant. Various types of damages and factors determine the compensation awarded to a plaintiff.

Damages That You Can Recover In A Naples Personal Injury Case

Most personal injury damages are compensatory in nature. A compensatory damages award is provided to a plaintiff for losses after an accident or injury. The following are the common types of compensatory damages in personal injury cases.

  • Medical Expenses: Most of the plaintiffs experience financial loss when they have to spend a substantial sum of money for undergoing immediate medical treatment and purchase medicine. The compensatory damages award provides reimbursement for medical treatment that a plaintiff has already received. Furthermore, it may include monetary compensation for estimated health care expenses for the future, if needed.
  • Monthly Salary: The financial compensation that a plaintiff receives may also make up for the monthly salary that would have been received from the workplace had the accident not taken place. The money awarded helps accident victims manage their regular expenses without facing a financial crisis.
  • Property Damages: If a personal possession like a car or house is damaged in an accident due to the negligence of an individual, a damage award may include a fair compensation amount for repairing the damaged property.
  • Pain & Suffering: A plaintiff may be entitled to receive compensation once they prove the negligence of the individual or entity that is legally responsible for pain and suffering due to the accident. Most accident victims suffer from extreme discomfort in the aftermath of the accident. This can continue for an extended period of time and may also include severe distress.
  • Psychological Issues: An accident causes not only physical harm to the health of a plaintiff but can also create significant damage to their psychological health. 

Apart from the types of compensatory damages, a plaintiff may be entitled to compensation for loss of enjoyment of life if they lose the ability to carry out favorite hobbies and fun-filled activities.

If you sustain an injury, take sound legal advice. It is necessary to evaluate your case and financial award that you may receive.

Consult Naples Personal Injury Lawyers Now

At Nationwide Disability Representatives, we understand that personal injuries can take numerous shapes, and forms, and have a wide range of negative consequences for your health and well-being. We also know that personal injuries can affect your family and your friends. Finally, we recognize that personal injuries can be a headache in many other ways.

Make the smart choice and choose a Naples Personal Injury Attorney. Whether you have an involvement in an auto accident, sustain injuries, or struck by a truck or bike, bitten by a dog, or experience some other form of personal injury, we are ready to help.

With our keen eye for details and understanding of the law, we are always ready to help. Call Bill B. Berke for a free consultation that will put your mind at ease.