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We Can Handle your Veterans Disability Benefits Claim

At the law offices of Nationwide Disability Representatives, we are committed to serving our Veterans in their pursuit to obtain Veterans Disability benefits.  We initiate this by helping you obtain a service-connected impairment rating before the Veterans’ Administration (VA). With the increase in the number of our men and women in the Armed Forces returning from combat with injuries and medical conditions, and this includes Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD),  our VA Disability Attorneys Florida are determined to help our Veterans obtain the Veterans disability benefits they have earned through serving our nation. A soldier with an aggravated pre-existing condition can also be eligible for Veterans disability benefits through the VA.

VA Disability Lawyers in Florida

We can help if you’ve been Denied the VA Benefits in Cape Coral Florida

If you have any impairment related to combat or service, physical or psychological , you may be entitled to disability benefits through the VA. The attorneys at our Law firm are happy to help you get the benefits you have earned through your service. We will take your case ahead from the moment you get a decision from the Veterans Administration with which you disagree. You may be denied service connection or the Veterans Administration (VA) may give you a lower rating than you were expecting for a service-connected impairment.  In either case, we can help.

Our VA Disability Lawyers in Florida can represent your case before a Decision Review Officer (DRO), the Board of Veterans’ Appeals (BVA), or the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans’ Claims (CAVC).

The Process We Follow After Denial of Your VA Benefits

The foremost thing we will do is file a “notice of disagreement” to put the VA on notice that we’ve decided to fight their determination.  Then we will start reviewing your entire VA file to ascertain what evidence might be missing.  Once we are sure that your file is complete, we will get your case ready for the Board of Veterans Appeals.  We will represent you in your BVA hearing and, if necessary, file an appeal with the US Court of Appeals for Veterans’ Claims.  Lastly, we will fight for you until you get your veterans disability benefits.  Call us for a free consultation and know that, there is no fee until we win for you.