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Social Security Disability Benefits In Florida

  • It can happen at any time. One day you’re living your best life, and the next moment you’re living a nightmare. Even if you’re doing everything right, disability doesn’t discriminate. Millions of people across the country are disabled, and millions more will become disabled.
  • If you or someone you know is suffering a disabling condition, it is time to act. Although social assistance is not guaranteed, it is certainly worth pursuing. For people who are disabled and unable to work, disability assistance can be a life-changer.
  • However, receiving social security disability benefits is not always easy. This form of social assistance is provided specifically by the Social Security Administration (SSA). A federal governmental agency, the SSA carefully analyzes every case before approving or denying benefits.
  • If an applicant for disability benefits makes a mistake, the SSA will find it. If an applicant for disability benefits lies or misrepresents facts, the SSA will most likely notice that as well. Most applicants simply don’t know how to properly apply for social security disability benefits This is not uncommon. The process is complex and convoluted. This is why Lawyers for Social Security Disability in Florida are so helpful. Seasoned legal professionals understand the process and recognize the many challenges.
  • These attorneys can help pinpoint pitfalls, errors, and shortcomings throughout the application, and appeals process.
  • With the help of an experienced social security attorney, many disability claimants can finally obtain the disability benefits they need. However, it’s all a matter of time. If a claimant does not act quickly, he or she will risk waiting much longer for potential benefits.
  • Delays in the process can mean many months or even years without benefits. In turn, this can result in a significant reduction in one’s quality of life. Disabled applicants who desperately need benefits may lose their livelihoods. They can lose their savings. Without consistent work, they may have trouble supporting their families.
  • This is why it’s absolutely critical that applicants contact a lawyer before contacting a Social Security Office Florida location. If you, the applicant, are prepared with a lawyer on your side, you can significantly increase your likelihood of approval.
  • In fact, statistics show that application denial is significantly more prevalent than application approval. Across the nation, roughly 65% of initial disability claims are denied, and almost 85% of reconsideration appeals are denied. Social Security Lawyers in Florida can assist.
  • After all, Florida itself may be even worse for application and appeals approvals. In Florida, less than 30% of all disability applications are approved for benefits. The first level of appeal, the reconsideration, has less than a 10% approval rate.
  • Nonetheless, appeals are believed to be significantly more effective than repeated initial applications. In other words, it is better to repeatedly appeal a denied application than to repeatedly file a new application.

Social Security Lawyers In Florida

What Florida Social Security Disability Attorneys Do

  • Lawyers are crucial for a number of reasons. Not only do lawyers improve your likelihood of approval, but they also help to streamline the process. Many disability applicants complicate and slow the process through mistakes. With an attorney, you can minimize such mistakes and get your benefits approved much more quickly.
  • Although it is not guaranteed, approval is certainly more likely if you have an attorney at your side.
  • Florida Social Security Disability attorneys can be helpful in many ways. Whereas other states provide short-term disability benefits,
  • Florida does not. These benefits are typically awarded to those who are injured or sick and unable to work. In Florida, a worker’s best alternative is to use disability insurance through an employer.
  • Without this insurance program, workers basically only have one option. This option is to pursue benefits through the Social Security Administration (SSA). As of now, the SSA offers two programs for disabled individuals.
  • Florida Disability Lawyers can assist you in finding the program right for you. Occasionally, an applicant may qualify for benefits under both programs.
  • These two programs are the SSDI and SSI programs. SSDI is administered to disabled recipients with sufficient work histories. Meanwhile, SSI is administered to recipients of limited means. SSI recipients do not need to have worked for a particular period of time.

SSA’s Definition of Disability

  • Although recipients of SSI payments do not necessarily need to be disabled, many SSI applicants apply on the basis of disability. With respect to both SSI and SSDI programs, the Social Security Administration relies on the same definition of disability.
  • The SSD Lawyer Florida trusts can help you prove that you have a total disability. In other words, you must provide ample medical and vocational documentation. You must show that your condition is medically determinable. You must also show that your disabling condition is severe and lasting.

An applicant’s disability must:

  • Prevent the applicant from engaging in any substantial gainful activity (SGA); and
  • Be expected to last at least 12 continuous months; or
  • Have already lasted for at least 12 continuous months; or
    Be expected to lead to death

These terms are specific for a reason. They help to remove applicants from the pool who are not fully disabled. These criteria also eliminate applicants who are disabled but only partially or in the short-term. Again, proving this can be very difficult.

Proving the duration of a continuous disability may require extensive medical diagnoses, reports, and test results. An applicant may also have to show treatment forms and work forms.

It may also be difficult to prove that a disability is expected to lead to death. This will typically require the expert opinions and observations of a seasoned medical professional.

An Experienced Social Security Disability Claims Attorney in Florida

  • A top Disability Attorney Florida can help you obtain all the necessary documentation.
  • You may also need extensive information to prove that you are not engaging in SGA. The term, substantial gainful activity (SGA), refers to a certain monthly amount. This amount is associated with certain work capacity and ability. If you are capable of earning such an amount, you will not be deemed to be disabled.
  • The Social Security Act allows a higher SGA amount for blind individuals than for non-blind individuals. As of 2019, a blind individual can make up to $2040 monthly. For non-blind individuals, the SGA amount is $1220 monthly.
  • Your Social Security Administration Florida representative can assist you in proving all of these aspects. When you apply, it is vital that you review all of your information. Feel free to obtain supplemental medical and work information as well. Do not assume that you are disabled simply because you have trouble working.
  • In many cases, the Social Security Administration (SSA) will rely on its “blue book.” This extensive listing features many common disabling conditions that affect social security recipients. However, many applicants for social security have conditions that aren’t listed.
  • If you do not have a listed condition, you will have to further prove the extent of your impairment(s). The best social security disability attorney will help you do so.

If you need help with social security in Florida, you need Berke Law Firm, P.A. Our team focuses extensively on SSDI and SSI cases. We handle both applications and denials.