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Do Insurance Adjusters Lie?

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Insurance adjusters may misrepresent facts or even lie to avoid or reduce a payout. Insurance companies use smart tactics that are challenging to analyze after an accident.

Who is an insurance adjuster?

An insurance adjuster refers to a claim adjuster who investigates the insurance claim. They determine how much the insurer needs to receive for the damages or injuries by the insurance company. 

If you do not know how to negotiate with an insurance adjuster, then a personal injury lawyer can be your ally.

What does an insurance adjuster do?

Insurance AdjustersIf you have sustained injuries due to an auto accident, you can file a claim with the insurance company of the one who is at fault. In communication with the insurance company, you have to deal with the insurance adjusters. 

Claim adjusters have the responsibility of evaluating the car insurance claims for the insurance companies to determine the liability in a car accident. Furthermore, they do a thorough investigation of all the circumstances surrounding the insurance claims. 

They do this by consulting all the witnesses, compiling evidence from various other sources, and reviewing the police reports. They even visit the accident scene and evaluate if there is any property damage.

Common lies insurance adjusters tell to reduce your claim

Lie 1: You must give a recorded statement

Although insurance adjusters may try to trap you by telling you to give a recorded statement, you should avoid this. You can inform the adjuster that you will give a statement later. 

Lie 2: You need to share your Social Security Number.

You’re not required to share your Social Security Number (SSN). If you share it, the adjuster may get a background check on you and check your other medical records. 

Lie 3: You do not need legal help.

When adjusters try to persuade you not to consult an attorney, they are doing it to minimize their burden. This way, they’ll owe you less of a settlement. Therefore, it’s important to tell them you need time to think. 

Lie 4: We cannot go any higher.

The insurance company may provide you with an amount that your policy allows. However, if your damages are more than policy limits, you can sue the at-fault party for compensation. The insurance company is going to want to settle everything out of court. The claimant must request a full analysis before accepting any settlement amount.

Lie 5: You must settle before the statute of limitations.

It’s important to be aware of the statute of limitations and other laws to avoid insurance adjusters taking advantage of you.  

Lie 6: You need to accept liability.

You be very careful not to accept any liability, as it can nullify your chances to pursue compensation.

Lie 7: You need to sign a HIPAA release.

Adjusters may ask for a Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) release form. After the claimant signs it, the adjuster has access to medical records. 

Lie 8: We are too busy to handle your case.

Insurance adjusters always have time for your case. It is their job to address factors related to your accident. However, it’s important to get legal help before engaging in any negotiations with adjusters.

Are insurance adjusters honest?

Insurance adjusters may at times use a deceptive approach and interpret your policy differently. All these tactics are to deny your claim. They may even use misleading or inappropriate information.

After an accident, it’s advised to fully read your insurance policy and to never accept any settlement amount without talking to a lawyer.

Can I cancel an insurance claim under investigation?

The short answer is yes, in most circumstances. You can cancel your car insurance claim that you filed under previously. 

There is a possibility that you can withdraw even after receiving the check from the insurer. However, the insurer may not permit you to cancel the claim if you were the one at fault in an auto accident.

Is it illegal to lie to an insurance company?

Generally yes. You can face serious legal consequences for lying on an insurance claim. Moreover, the insurer will file a lawsuit against you for cheating or fraud. If fraud is proven, you face massive compensation. If you are unable to pay the amount, you may even receive prison time. 

The insurer can cancel your car insurance policy, reject your claim, and force you to pay hefty penalties. Your car insurance premium may increase, or you may face denials from insurance companies in the future.

Why do insurance companies change adjusters?

Insurance companies analyze whether a claim is more than the initial estimate. After that, they may transfer the amount to an adjuster with more authority. The time claims may also be in transfer when a claimant takes legal consultation.  

Adjusters have several roles and responsibilities. They not only help in the claim process, they are supposed to ensure that both sides receive fair treatment. Sadly though, many insurance adjusters use unsavory tactics to try and manipulate victims. 

A Fort Myers auto accident lawyer can further guide you to pursue an accident claim. If you want to get insight on how to pursue compensation, schedule a free case legal consultation with us today.