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If you have been facing disability issue due to lupus, it is wise to apply for lupus disability benefits. Disability attorneys from Berk Law Firm, P.A. treasures years of insights and first-hand experiences in representing disabled applicants. We handle verdicts and settlements for our valued client’s throughout PA.

We are an experienced law firm with more than three decades of experience. We are helping people in getting disability benefits without any hassle. Our approaches are tactfully designed to help blind, aged, or disabled individuals with less earning potential.

Many ailments can be recovered from with necessary medical treatments. But there are also diseases that are complex and sometimes cannot be controlled by medications. Lupus is one of such health conditions. A large percentage of patients are diagnosed with Lupus every year. Out of that near, about 10-15% tend to lose their lives.

Our firm has been recognized consistently to offer as the highly proficient Disability Lawyers. If you have been suffering from disability problems and it has been more than twelve months, talk to an experienced disability lawyer.Let’s take a more in-depth look at details of Lupus and disability.


Disability Benefits For Lupus


What happens when you have Lupus?


Lupus is a chronic autoimmune health condition that leads to inflammation throughout the body. This is a long-term ailment in which the immune system gets hyperactive and starts to damage the healthy tissues. There are basically four categories to this complex disease.



  • Systemic lupus erythematosus– Also known as SLE, it is the most common category.
  • Drug-induced Lupus– This is the type that can often be caused due to prescription drugs.
  • Cutaneous Lupus– This is considered to be the mild type. Its effects of which are limited to one’s skin.
  • Neonatal Lupus– This rare category generally affects the offspring of a female patient who has Lupus.


Causes and Early symptoms of Lupus


Lupus is a highly complex condition and varies in individuals. Thus, medical experts are still in the dark about detecting the actual cause of Lupus. But here are some underlying conditions, the combination of which can cause Lupus.


  • Genetics
  • Environmental pollutants
  • Infections
  • Hormonal disorders
  • External medications and drugs


The symptoms usually start appearing in between the range of teen years and thirties. They vary from being mild, serious sporadic to continuous. Here are some examples.



  • Rough red patches on the skin
  • Rashes that resemble the shape of butterflies
  • Ulcers in nose and mouth areas
  • Sensitivity to bright light
  • High levels of protein percentage in the urine
  • Lining and inflammation on lung and heart surfaces


Some symptoms can be controlled through medications. But at some stages, the condition can become more aggressive and even unresponsive to medications. This is common for people with weaker immunity or pre-existing complicated health conditions.


Can You Get Disability for Lupus?


If Lupus’s symptoms have become uncontrollable for you and deprived you from everyday life and full-time employment, it is wise to claim SSI for Lupus. There are high possibilities that the Social Security Administration (SSA) might approve you for the best benefits.

However, you will need to meet the maximum criteria listed in the Blue Book. The SSA’s BlueBook is the disabling impairment listings that help the administration authorities to evaluate your application.

One must suffer from fatigue, extreme weight loss, and fever consistently and have faced loss in employment and regular lifestyle to quality. The officials of Social Security Administration will evaluate a particular case based on the following factors.

  • Ability to continue work like before-They will determine if you can continue the work that you did before if your symptoms are not that severe. If not, you shall qualify.
  • Stage of condition-Your severity of symptoms must affect basic life skills like moving around, eating, sleeping.
  • List of lupus disability criteria match the Blue Book-Your symptoms must match the maximum of the conditions listed in the Blue Book.
  • Your ability to do perform any type of work- They will approve of you if you are unable to adjust to any other type of work field and remain unemployed.


Contact experienced disability lawyers to seek SSDI/SSI benefits.


Working with a disability lawyer for getting disability for Lupus is the best idea. The Berk Law firm has been known for achieving some of the highest settlements and verdicts for disability cases.

The experienced attorneys work to get your claims maximum compensations in a hassle-free way. We also work to represent victims who have been denied or delayed with their disability benefits. Visit our official page to explore our legal services.


Frequently asked questions about Lupus and its disability claims

Lupus is more common among females than males. The age group of teens and mid-thirties are most vulnerable to the disease. You can apply for SSD benefits when you have become disabled due to it.

Generally, it takes three to five months for the SSA authorities to reach a decision on your disability claim. The time span can vary slightly based on your case specifications.

The documents basically resemble the ones needed for any disability benefit. Citizenship proof, proof of birth, military discharge documents, if you were involved in military service, and sufficient medical proofs.