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The Social Security Disability Lawyer Port Charlotte Demands

For those who are disabled, disability is not a nightmare. It’s a reality. Living with disability day in and day out can be absolutely devastating. Fortunately, there are people who are willing to help and there are agencies prepared and ready to assist those who are most in need.

  • If you or someone you know has a disability, it is time to act. Many disabled people may be viable candidates for disability benefits. The agency responsible for dispensing benefits to disabled people is the Social Security Administration (SSA). The SSA is a federal governmental agency that has been around for roughly 80 years. It has been assisting millions of people across the country.
  • Those who are dealing with disability should contact the SSA immediately. You can contact them online, by phone, or in-person at the Social Security Office Port Charlotte location.
  • However, the first thing you should do is stop and consider a few things. Don’t rush into filing a disability application by yourself. Make sure you know what you’re initiating. Make sure that you understand the process. Applying for disability benefits can be a long and frustrating process. The overwhelming majority of initial applications are denied. The overwhelming majority of appeals are denied.
  • This is why you absolutely need a Port Charlotte social security lawyer. A seasoned, professional disability attorney who can ensure that you engage the process the right way.

A legal representative can also help you avoid common filing errors. With the help of a top lawyer, you can approach the SSA with confidence. Don’t risk it on your own. Provide full and complete information and documentation. Minimize mistakes, and maximize results. Get the compensation you deserve.

Your Port Charlotte attorney can assist you in a number of ways. Firstly, you need to choose the right disability program for you. The SSA offers Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) programs. The first program, SSDI, is for disabled applicants who have a work history. The second program, SSI, is for disabled applicants with limited resources and income. Both programs rely on the same definition of disability.

Once you have decided on a program, your Social Security Attorney can help you prove to the SSA that your disability is a total disability. A total disability is not a partial or short-term disability. Moreover, the SSA’s definition of disability requires that the disability be severe. It must substantially prevent the applicant from engaging in work and other basic activities.

When you apply for either SSDI or SSI, you must be prepared with all necessary information. Additionally, if you do not meet certain criteria for the online application, you will have to apply in-person.

Social Security Disability Attorney Port Charlotte

Visiting Your Social Security Office Port Charlotte
FL Location

  • The first thing you should understand is disability. Your disability must be what is called a “medically determinable impairment.” The Social Security Administration defines this kind of impairment as resulting from “anatomical, physiological, or psychological abnormalities.”
  • These abnormalities have to be supported by “medically acceptable clinical and laboratory diagnostic techniques.” In other words, the medical experts have to determine that your condition is, in fact, a real thing with a medical basis.
  • The SSA will only deem you to be ‘disabled’ if you are unable to engage in any Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA).

This SGA must be prevented by impairment that:

  • Is expected to result in death, or
  • Has lasted or is expected to last for at least 12 continuous months

Overall, the Social Security Administration (SSA) has very strict criteria for disability benefits. Moreover, the different SSDI and SSI programs have different additional criteria. The SSDI evaluates your “work credits” history, whereas the SSI program evaluates your income and resources. This is why you need an SSD Attorney Port Charlotte residents trust.

Helping You Get The Benefits You Deserve

At Berke Law Firm, P.A. our attorneys will evaluate your medical condition to determine if you meet the eligibility criteria for benefits. We will gather and organize the required evidence to prove your disability. Our lawyers aim to recover maximum benefits in the shortest possible time.

When you file a Port Charlotte Social Security Disability Claim, you need a local attorney. With our understanding of the area, we can help you navigate the process. We know the offices, and we know the bureaucratic pitfalls.

Our firm is emblematic of the Social Security Disability Attorney Port Charlotte trusts. We understand the local system and will plan an individual strategy for you. We also know the dos and don’ts. For instance, the SSA will send a Disability Report, Function Report and Work History Report for your completion. Don’t return these unless you have spoken to an attorney first. Do consult with the experts at Berke Law Firm, P.A. about how to complete these forms properly.

Remember, what you say is highly important. If you misrepresent things, the SSA may reject your application. Do things the right way. Contact Berke Law Firm, P.A. today and begin your claim.