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Social Security Benefits in Florida with Reputed Disability Representatives

You may apply for Social Security Disability Benefits when you have suffered from physical impairment and have missed a minimum of 30 days of work. Additionally, you need to fulfill the following qualifications: your condition has resulted in being unable to work for at least a period of twelve months, or you anticipate your condition will result in missing work for at least twelve months. As an experienced and professional Disability Representative Florida has to offer, we will initiate your case and get you the benefits you need desperately.

  • Disability Representative FloridaIf Social Security denies your SSD or SSI application, you have the right to appeal this decision; you may also request a hearing with an administrative law judge. However, your appeal can only be for a medical denial, meaning that Social Security believes your medical condition is not severe enough to preclude you from working.
  • You must file your appeal within 60 days of the date of your denial. This can be done in person at your local Social Security office, or by mail. Many claimants choose to hire a Social Security Disability Representative in Florida to assist in this process and to build their case.
  • The Social Security Administration provides various disability benefits for children and adults. However, there are specified technical and medical requirements that must be satisfied before receiving benefits from any given program.
  • An individual must have a medical condition that prevents him from working for a minimum of twelve months, or which is expected to either restrain the person from working for a minimum of twelve months or may result in death.

How Does Social Security Work? How can I Qualify?

  • Every person that works or is employed pays a tax to the SSA based on his/her earnings. Your employers also contribute the same amount. Self-employed people are responsible for contributing both amounts.
  • For example, if an employed person pays a 6.2% tax, and employers also contribute the same percentage, the self-employed person has to contribute 12.4%. In return to your taxes, social security assigns “credits” to your paid taxes every year.
  • This money you contribute via social security tax goes towards providing social security benefits to the disabled, retirees, and other eligible people.
  • To qualify for retirement benefits, the applicant must have at least ten years of work experience and 40 credits before claiming retirement benefits. The SSA retirement estimator can help you in knowing detailed information about the same.
  • As all of us know that the cost of living is increasing at a rapid pace every year. To cope with this fact, since 1975, every year, an automatic annual cost of living adjustment is calculated into social security benefits.
  • Do you know that more than 60% of applications for social security disability are denied? Most attorneys aren’t interested in serving you until you’ve done the hard work of dealing with Social Security on your own.
  • Once you apply on your own and get denied by a judge, you may not be able to qualify for future benefits. There are so many ways this process can extend. Accept assistance from an experienced and professional Disability Representative Lawyer Florida has to offer and get things right the first time.
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